Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress…” Kofi Annan

Strengthening social impact

INTSIKA AG WORLD is a non-profit research promotion organisation focused on agriculture, environmental sustainability, and the development of smallholder farmers, and food security –  through knowledge, information and education.

We believe knowledge and information are essential for people to respond to social challenges, and to develop or adopt new solutions amidst a changing environment. As an organisation, we have an interest in improving livelihoods and transforming agricultural landscapes in a positive way.

Our journey started on a farm…

…this year’s winner has been in the forefront in promoting agriculture and value addition, natural resource management, and in dissemination of information educating the public on national, regional and international developments on food, agriculture and natural resources.


Creative and passionate about social entrepreneurship and development, especially in agriculture, this year’s winner grew up on farms in the Western Cape in South Africa, where his parents were farm workers.


He started Intsika AgriMedia, focusing on content creation and information sharing, with the belief that knowledge and information are essential for people, especially smallholder farmers. The founder undertook an interest in transformative and impact-driven outcomes…


Remarks by Dr Tobias Takavarasha in 2017, in Durban, South Africa – announcing the FANRPAN AFRICA AWARD winner in agricultural media. We are driven by three goals:


Achieving household food security is a critical component in meeting a country’s development objectives. Millions of households in Africa and South Africa still experience hunger on a daily basis.


We are not scientists, we are storytellers. Every farm, crop or soil particle tells a story. We want to tell a new story about agriculture. In this new story, everyone is concern about the future of all food producers.


Farming and rising agricultural production should all contribute to the development of an inclusive economy, whilst rural development must aim to improve livelihoods through income generation.


We use the power of media and research to help fight poverty and support people to generate income and smallholders to improve food production practices.

Our aim is to inform, connect and empower. We support organisations to create and market people-centred content by going behind the data, figures and statistics.


Research can change the world, and we aim to bridge the gap between science – what is being studied and discovered – and public knowledge. The disseminating of information is crucial for knowledge development and the empowerment of society.


We navigate scientific and research findings to transfer solutions to communities and smallholder farmers. By working with researchers and strategic partners, we are confident that our field and food initiatives have a compelling and lasting impact.


  • IFAJ World Congress (Dutch Sponsorship)  –  Wageningen University, 2018
  • UN Women & Food, Climate Change – GENDERCC (SA, 2017)
  • Fruit Awareness Media Project – FRUIT SA (SA, 2016)
  • Constitutional Court, LAMOSA (Johannesburg, 2016)
  • Policy & Development CAADP-NEPAD (Ghana, 2016)
  • Farmers’ Development SACAU (Seychelles, 2015)
  • COP21 (UNFCCC) Project, GENDERCC-OXFAM (SA, 2015)