Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress…” Kofi Annan


Farming and rising agricultural production should all contribute to the development of an inclusive economy, whilst rural development must aim to improve livelihoods through income generation. All this, amidst growing competition for land, water and energy.


INTSIKA  AG  WORLD with the support and expertise of GROWTSHOOT, aims to provide specialised solutions for a new generation of farmers. We believe that building a nation starts by building its farmers.


GROWTHSHOOT aims to create scalable business models that provide agribusiness opportunities to the youth in agriculture and smallholder farmers. To accomplish this objective – it is done in collaboration with established agribusinesses. GROWSHOOT focuses on primary agriculture across various commodities such as livestock, poultry, fruit and vegetables, grains and rabbits.


Service offering

  • Introduction to farming
  • Financial readiness
  • Strategic advisory

Additional support entails: market intelligence, production planning and farm best practices.


Nono Sekhoto, Managing Director, GROWTHSHOOT

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