Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress…” Kofi Annan


Achieving household food security is a critical component in meeting a country’s development objectives. While South Africa for example may be food secure as a country, but millions of households in the country are still food insecure.


We aim to provide a platform and opportunities to collaborate in producing healthier, affordable and sustainably grown food, by amongst others communities, for households.


Our focus is to empower community-based organisations and feeding schemes to contribute towards household food security and income generation. We are looking for ‘food security champions’ to partner with and to drive effective social food impact.




Our focus areas

  • Development of community/school food gardens
  • Provision of information for vegetable production
  • Training in crop management and sustainability
  • Rehabilitation of non-productive land into food-zones
  • Implementation of CSI food development projects


Malerato Sekha, Project Manager: Food Security & Nutrition
Cell: 076 787 9898

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