Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress…” Kofi Annan

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INTSIKA AG WORLD has positioned itself as a knowledge partner for value networks and development stakeholders to promote economic solutions for rural communities, smallholder farmers and farmworkers.


We inform, educate and create awareness around issues that are important to urban and rural communities and smallholders. Your company or organisation can be part of our people-centred food and agricultural solutions for Africa through support in the following areas:



We aim to enhance knowledge sharing and the communication thereof with targeted beneficiaries or end-users – to ensure sustainable adoption and intervention. Effective knowledge transfer should result in measurable impact in order to change the status qou.



Good information is rare, but is available. We use various methods to bring information from experts and organisations to those who need it most to support socio-economic development. We also create new information platforms and systems to strengthen organisational messages and information sharing initiatives.



We integrate agriculture and research solutions with people development in order to contribute towards the growth and the meaningful development of beneficiaries. Your organizational knowledge, expertise or information partnerships can help us improve our development initiatives.


INTSIKA AGRIMEDIA – Through our award-winning platform, we aim to promote food knowledge and agricultural know-how, and provide publicity and awareness campaigns. Our experienced writers provide customized content for a wide-range of media partners and platforms.

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