Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress…” Kofi Annan

What we do

The global demand for food is projected to surpass population growth. In the next 40 years, the world is expected to consume more food than was produced in the last 500 years. Agriculture is largely being seen as the panacea for Africa’s development and its future, making it a key focus for global development efforts. Growth will be driven by a combination of factors, which include population growth and urbanisation.

Our focus

  • Support SMMEs with food development information
  • Promote school & community nutrition projects
  • Connect smallholders with research information
  • Provide research information to end-users
  • Develop and implement CSI food projects

Our priorities

  • Promotion of food security and development
  • Strenghtening of agricultural education and knowledge
  • Development of sustainable land-use and projects
  • Promotion of farming skills and mentorships

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